Author Topic: Your House Ownership and Request (Active only for ingame house pickups)  (Read 62 times)


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(Beta-in developing)

You need to have 1000 score ingame to request a house
Pick any House in server that's not taken or that's not near Spawn place's, take a photo and save a location with /save yourname command
Go to your user folder and open savedpossition.txt   copy this possition that say yourname and
do this Format

Code: [Select]
Your Ingame Name:
Your Ingame House position:
Your Ingame House screenshoot:

Wait for managers to renspond to your app

Houses that can be created now are 250/250  -full

House requests will not be accepted ATM

More slots will be available in new version that support mysql.
Edit 1:
Houses will be updated and they will show the latest date when player entered his owned house, if that date is older than 10 days admins will have options to sell that house.

Edit 2:
House requests are opened and this is valid only for the house pickups that are in server now
Houses that have mark n/a and if house owner is not active for 10 days can be replaced with new owners that request it.

Thanks for Playing The Matrix Stuntings
and enjoy...

 ;) TMS Staff :D

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