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Unban Appeals
« on: August 14, 2012, 09:16:10 am »
Hello TMS players,

If you were banned on The Matrix Stuntings for hacks or rulebreaking. Or if you feel that you are banned fakely (for no reason) Please create an new topic and use the following format to make an Unban Appeal:

Code: [Select]
Server Nickname: (the name you were using on the server when you were banned)
Your IP Address: (
Name of the admin who banned you:
More info (if you want to argue, post here):
Proof: (if you have any proof like a screenshot)

If you don't use this format,you will probably be asked to edit ur post whit the above format.
Any spam or insult on your Unban Appeal will be DENIED.

Only Administrators can reply to the posts, also Admins can't Denied or Accept any Unban request. That is leaders / managers job. Hope you understand everything, and I hope you will follow the rules.

Thank you.

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