Author Topic: Read Before Posting your Script Or Maps!  (Read 58 times)


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Read Before Posting your Script Or Maps!
« on: August 15, 2012, 02:52:01 am »

Dont publish your map

Creating a map for TMS is quite easy, using a MTA or some ingame scripts.

We woould be happy if you make some maps for TMS, and so we can all test them and play on them

Maps shouldnt be more than 100 object in one area, the bast way to see what map we are looking is to visit our server and  get some ideas

After you finished with a map, use the format that you see here.
Press select and copy all whats selected, make new post and answer on all questions.

* Question with this mark "*" must be answered.

Code: [Select]
Map Name*:
Command name*:
Command Coordinates* FOrmat:

Number of Objects*:
Link*:(Send by private message to Elmin):(yes/no).

Credits To:

Free to use for server mean that maps that you send to TMS will be in fully ownership of server, we will not stop using it even if you tell us not to use it.
Your map can be used on any other server, but we prefer that your map is used only and just only on  our server

Its your good will to work and map for us.
Do not expect to be payed for doing this.

All maps accepted will become a ownership of TMS

TMS Managment want you a Good Luck in making new maps.

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