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The Matrix Summer Camp 2012!
« on: August 15, 2012, 02:59:05 am »

Hello all TMS players,
im glad to present you our new event/competition - TMS Summer Camp 2012.
Summer is so close to us and summer holidays, so i want to organize one camp.
Who can join TMS Summer camp 2012?
All players with this req's:
- 1000+ score
- min. +1 reputation on forum
- never been banned
- not rulebreaking
- speaking English/Espanol/Tagalog

What about price?
We wont make our players to pay for our camp. Its totally free and anyone can join us.
But, if you want, you can donate too.
All players will be divided in groups.
All applies for TMS Summer Camp please reply in this topic.
Apply format:
Code: [Select]
In-game name:
Was banned (yes/no):
Are you accept with all rules? (yes/no)
Something about you (optional):
Max. number of players is 20, how i said, they will be divided to 2 groups.
Here will be list of aceppted players:
Group 1 (leader/s: [TMS]Sakura [TMS]Kakashi [TMS]JellalKoayz)

Group 2 (FULL) (leader/s: [TMS]Sakura [TMS]Kakashi [TMS]JellalKoayz)
* deadline for apply is 15/06/2012
* all players who will brake camp rules will be driven from camp
Well, i need some admins to help me in this camp. Please, all admins (which want) fill this format if you wanna apply for leader in Summer camp:
Code: [Select]
In-game name:
Are u going to summer holidays (like going to sea, crouise...), if yes, when?:

Summer camp will last:

Group 1:
18.6. - 22.6.
Group 2:
2.7. - 6.7.
Thank you for appreciation,
now is your time to apply! ;)
Have good time on TMS and see you in TMS Summer Camp 2012!
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