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Forum Rules
« on: August 14, 2012, 08:33:12 am »
Rules have been established to TheMatrixStuntings forums to make sure the place is safe, peaceful and fun. You must follow these simple rules at all time when browsing the forums. Those rules are not to be discussed. You just follow them.

1. Do not spam.

1.01 Do not double/triple post.
Double/Triple post mean posting posting twice or thrice, maybe even more times in a row. Use the Edit function instead. If you do not do so, you will be punished by a forum admin/mod.

1.02 - Stay on-topic.
Do not go off-topic while posting. Focus on the main subject of the opened thread. Off-topic posts will be deleted, and could possibly earn you a punishment.

1.03 - Post constructive stuff.
Useless threads or posts will be trashed or deleted. Please do not post if you've got nothing pertinent, constructive to say.

1.04 - Check all the sections. Post in the correct place.
While creating topics, make sure you post on the right section. It is not a pleasure for us, forum moderators, to move topics.

1.05 - Make sure what you have to say has not already been posted.
You may use the Search function. Before posting a thread, please verify if your suggestion, for exemple, hasn't already been proposed.

1.05 - Do not bump old topics.
When posting, make sure the last post was not a long time ago. You can use your judgment for this. If you see the topic was inactive for a week and more, there is absolutely no use to post in it.

2. Respect other Members and Staff.

2.01 - Do not argue with Staff members' decisions.
You must respect the Staff's decisions. You shall not argue and should never tell them what to do. If they are staff, it is because they are trusted. They might forum-mute you for a moment if you do so.

2.02 - Be polite all the time while browsing/posting on TheMatrixStuntings' forums.
You must use a polite language at all time. If you have a request to staff members, you must ask politely, not order them to do so. They decide.

2.03 - Discriminative language/posts/topics are considered as severe offence.
Homophobia, racism, sexism, etc. All of those are severe offences and will certainly get you banned from our forums. You might also get banned from the server.

3. No sexual content is tolerated on TheMatrixStunts forums.
Sexual content will be immediately deleted, and you will get punished for posting so. This includes signatures. TMS Staff is in the right to delete your signature without any warning.

4. No illegal stuff discussing/promoting.

4.01 - Torrent links can not be posted on TMS Forums.
You may not promote any torrent link. Torrenting is illegal and is not allowed to be promoted on TMS Forums. Posting such links will get you warned and get your post deleted. You can do whatever you want, but do not talk about it on TheMatrixStuntings forums.

4.02 Drugs are not supposed to be discussed about publicly here.
Remember, most of our community are young teenagers. Do not discuss about drugs publicly.

5. Keep your Signature's size normal.
You are allowed to have only one photo. Those pictures will be resized if they are considered too big. Big texts are also not allowed. They will be deleted by our staff, without any warning.

6. Make sure when you post, your text is easy to read.
This includes huge letters, caps lock, writing style and writing colour. Make it easy for people to read. For example, Huge, Caps Lock, Flashy Green threads will be immediately deleted, without any warning. This also includes grammar/orthograph. Gangsta style talking, sms talking, etc is not recommended. Please make our task easier by agreeing to talk with a normal orthograph.

7. Use English language at all time while posting.
Unless a forum/topic allows you to speak another language, you must post in English at all times. If you do not feel comfortable with speaking english, do not post.

8. Do not contact forum mods unless you have a good reason to do so.
Questions, suggestions, bug reports, player reports, those do not belong to be sent in a Private Message. Please post those in the correct sections on our forums.

The Matrix Stuntings forum rules are subject to change at any time.
We are not responsible if you have been punished for a rule you were not aware of. It is your task to read, and agree to our forum rules.

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